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I updated from wss4j 1.6 to wss4j 2.0.7. I observe the following behaviour 
(using wildfly 9 and java 1.8.0_60). 

With Nonce Replay Cache, Saml One Time Use Replacy Cache, Timestamp Replay 
Cache set to true, there is a linear thread proliferation: 1 call, 1 thread 
open and not closed. 

With all those caches set to false, the threads are not proliferating and 
everything is fine. 

Threads are watched as: watch -n 1 “date && cat /proc/<PID>/status | grep 

In fact, ehcache is using a new ScheduledThreadPoolExecutor (version 2.9.0 
net.sf.ehcache.store.disk.DiskStorageFactory, line 151) and it is assigned to a 
private final (non static) variable. Analyzing the JVM with VisualVM we 
observed that, when the shutdown() 
of the ExecutorService was called, the active threads were parked, causing a 
new creation of another executor service for a new session. 

Thus the linear proliferation observed seems to be a new instance of the 

Thus: 2000 web service requests, 2000 new threads spawned and not closed. 

Any advice?

Thanks a lot, 


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