We've just installed XWiki Enterprise to get a look'n'feel and see if this
is something we should base our corporate InfoCenter on, for both internal
and external use (we are a telecommunications operator in Norway).

User Rights administration is important, as is hacker-security, as there
will be sensitive documents both as attachments and in wiki pages.

We have established Spaces in XWiki and assigned individual user rights to

In order to fully understand XWiki and its potentials, I have some questions
I hope someone can answer:

1) Is user administration and group membership a fully manual process, i.e.
the admin needs to know the user's login ID and manually create an entry and
type in this user ID, for this to work, or are there any utilities which
allows me to select users from a list and attach dependencies to Groups (or
the other way, i.e. to select Group and move users into a list)?

2) Is it possible to have some extra security which is IP-dependent, i.e.
have certain Spaces available only to internal IP-addresses (10.10.x.x and

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