On Jan 21, 2008, at 7:09 PM, Sachn Mittal wrote:

> Thanks for the link.
> I meant was that there is a panel named Shortcuts which has both  
> Comments
> and Attachments section that can be placed either on left or right.  
> If we
> had a bottom layout then we could have placed it there too.

But placing panels in a bottom layout doesn't mean much IMO. Panels  
are not meant to have a reduced vertical size. I think what you wanted  
is not Panels in the current sense but extension points in the skin to  
be able to add/modify content anywhere.

This is the UI extension design we've been discussing for some time on  
the dev mailing list. It's planned for the future but no hard date has  
been set.

BTW you could still achieve this right today using some javascript.  
Exactly like what is done by Greasemonkey 
). Of course it's even easier to just modify the skin... ;)


> Anyway we can still achieve all this with current infrastructure too.
> Sachin
> vmassol wrote:
>>> Another thing I notice is that Comments and attachments section is
>>> part of a
>>> panel in the panel application.
>> I don't understand what you mean here.
>>> So one can always add it to left or right pane, thus it does not
>>> make much
>>> sense to have it (by default) below every page.
>>> Lastly I see that in panels application we can configure the left
>>> and right
>>> panes. There should also be an option to configure top and bottom so
>>> as to
>>> complete a border layout. Thus tomorrow we can move this comments  
>>> and
>>> attachments section in the bottom (for whatever spaces we need).
>> Today this is done by the skin which provides a header and footer  
>> that
>> you can customize...
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