yes currently I am modifying the skin.

The extension you have talked about would also work once released.


vmassol wrote:
>> Thanks for the link.
>> I meant was that there is a panel named Shortcuts which has both  
>> Comments
>> and Attachments section that can be placed either on left or right.  
>> If we
>> had a bottom layout then we could have placed it there too.
> But placing panels in a bottom layout doesn't mean much IMO. Panels  
> are not meant to have a reduced vertical size. I think what you wanted  
> is not Panels in the current sense but extension points in the skin to  
> be able to add/modify content anywhere.
> This is the UI extension design we've been discussing for some time on  
> the dev mailing list. It's planned for the future but no hard date has  
> been set.
> BTW you could still achieve this right today using some javascript.  
> Exactly like what is done by Greasemonkey
> ( 
> ). Of course it's even easier to just modify the skin... ;)
> Thanks
> -Vincent

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