After shutdown, delete of .lock and restart, the file has been recreated.


But I still have a whole bunch of very ugly exceptions, I think I will have the 
server reboot because some handles might still be somewhere ...


@Vincent : I'll try to perform the migration on final 1.2 release ASAP anyway. 

 Thanks again,



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On Jan 28, 2008, at 4:56 PM, Paul Libbrecht wrote:

This generally means that there's another process running and using it.


Here's a few avenues to solve that:

- shutdown your servlet container, see if the file is still there

- try with ps auxwww | grep java to see if there's a "ghost" process

- remove the file by hand...


I believe this is the result of a crash but I thought that Lucene had a way to 
solve that in newer versions. 


We have moved to the latest lucene 2.3.0 in 1.2.1.



In older versions of Lucene, for our ActiveMath platform, I used a different 
locking mechanism which waits ten seconds and if no attempt-to-lock is removed 
it is considered we can safely override the lock. Not very elegant.





Le 28 janv. 08 à 15:29, BOUSQUET Jeremie a écrit :



I had some system problems with the server hosting my wiki, now solved, but now 
the Lucene plugin seems to be in an unstable state.


When first accessing xwiki I get a : Lock obtain timed out: 


I tried to stop tomcat, remove the index completely from 
/usr/local/xwiki/lucene, deactivate the Lucene plugin from xwiki.cfg and 
restart, but it still fails the same way.

I tried to reactivate the Lucene plugin, but still the same error, and the 
index is not re-created, leading to various "FileNotFoundException" to occur ...


I'm running on linux, with mysql and xwiki 1.1. The .lock file is accessible 
read/write, as well as the index folder ...


How can I correct my Lucene plugin state ?





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