Slash in the actual name is not such a good idea - xwiki assumes you're trying 
to create a new space, and acts accordingly.
For me, the updateName() script catches both / and \ though, among other 
"problem" characters (or is that something I've changed on mine)?

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This doubt comes from a previous thread, document name including /. But as far 
as the behavior now is a bit different, I don't know why, please, allow me to 
start a new issue.

The point is that I'd created a document with / in its name. Namely 
PCI/A/9641/07. It is quite frequent to find such a names from project codes and 

Looking for PCI in Search, shows this document, but any action (Delete, Rename, 
Rights or Copy) shows an empty page. Looking for any word in the document 
doesn't return it as a result.

Table xwikidoc contents the following document:

XWD_NAME: PCI/A/9641/07 says that the requested 
document could not be found.

Must I simply remove this entry or could this action compromise the integrity 
of the database?

Thanks for your help,


Ricardo Rodríguez
Your EPEC Network ICT Team

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