hopefully this question is not too stupid.

i planned to install xwiki enterprise manager 1.1 on tomcat 5.5 (java 
1.5). i copied the war file and set up the database / hibernate.cfg. the 
db connection seems to work (same config used for another xwiki test).

when i open the url in the browser i get redirected to:
(which makes no sense, tomcat runs on 8080 on the server)

i found this is configured in WEB-INF but i am not sure what would be 
the correct value.

also the xwiki.log file is not found / does not exist. so i either 
forgot to add the log configs or they are missing?

i found some links on nabble.com like 
http://www.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Community/Debugging#Logging but all 
of them point to nowhere. the documentation link on xwiki.org opens 
xwiki.org in a new window.

so i am a little stuck here. am i doing something wrong completely? 
(xwki-enterprise-manager comes with xwiki? it does not need it?)

any help, hints or doc links would be great!

thanks a lot


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