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> hallo
>  hopefully this question is not too stupid.
>  i planned to install xwiki enterprise manager 1.1 on tomcat 5.5 (java
>  1.5). i copied the war file and set up the database / hibernate.cfg. the
>  db connection seems to work (same config used for another xwiki test).
>  when i open the url in the browser i get redirected to:
>  (which makes no sense, tomcat runs on 8080 on the server)

By default in virtual mode (when xwiki manager more than one
database), you have to list the domain to access each virtual wiki
even main wiki except when you browse xwiki in localhost, with a
domain name starting with "www" (www.xwiki.org) or with an ip adress
If you can't acces you wiki with one of theses way, you should modify
the "xwiki.virtual" property to 0 to finish install your wiki then
reset it to 1.
See http://platform.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/AdminGuide/Virtualization
for more details.

>  i found this is configured in WEB-INF but i am not sure what would be
>  the correct value.
>  also the xwiki.log file is not found / does not exist. so i either
>  forgot to add the log configs or they are missing?

The xwiki.log file is always generated so you should have it somewhere.

>  i found some links on nabble.com like
>  http://www.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Community/Debugging#Logging but all
>  of them point to nowhere. the documentation link on xwiki.org opens
>  xwiki.org in a new window.

The links you found are related to older xwiki.org site map.
The documentation button in the upper right corner has a wrong
redirection (fixed now), you have link to documentation in the
"General Links" right menu.
You also have a search box which is very usefull to find documentation
in xwiki.org web site.
You can find the general Enterprise Manager documentation at
http://manager.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Main/Documentation. Not big
yet but all XWiki platform documentation is applicable for Enterprise
Manager too.

>  so i am a little stuck here. am i doing something wrong completely?
>  (xwki-enterprise-manager comes with xwiki? it does not need it?)

Yes Enterprise Manager comes with xwiki. In fact Enterprise Manager
can't do anything without XWiki platform.

>  any help, hints or doc links would be great!
>  thanks a lot
>  ossi
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