Jerome Velociter-2 wrote:
> ...But, I also believe that their is one thing
> we should at some point expose to developers: application development for
> spaces. For me this won't make XWS more complex, it will just give the
> opportunity for those who want/need, to empower their spaces with business
> apps/other apps. (and why not for us having contributed apps we can share
> on
> ...
> Now to sum up my view on the topic I would say that:
> - It is certainly too early to advertise XWS application development (with
> a tutorial on for example)
> - but this is something we should do at some point
> - It would be awesome if XE apps (wiki apps) and XWS apps (spaces apps)
> could be both handled by application manager, and IMHO we should tend
> towards this goal.
> Regards,
> Jerome.
Ok, what about a middle ground?  Say a way to easily allow access through
from XWS to (wiki apps), perhaps another panel on the left for "Other Apps"
and a tutorial on building that?

I look forward to adding what you desribe, but I can wait for that, I just
need a couple of things.  I don't want to go to XE and build my own XWS just
so I can get a couple of other things.

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