Frantisek Kall wrote:
> Hi,
> I am not sure if this problem is dependend on language setings.
> On my local installation it works well with multilingual and no multilingual
> as well.
> In server installation BB application doesn't work in one lingual and
> multilingual setting.
> In multilingual setting translation page is set:
> "You are editing the following translation: en.
> The original language of the document is .
> Other translations: sk "
> Thanks
> Frantisek

I've checked here and in all installations I've done here default 
language is not set for BBCode.Translations. I don't know why this 
happens here or, the other way round, I don't know why you have it set 
there... :-(

Perhaps the following are too basic questions, but as the problem seems 
to be hard to find, I am just trying to propose a check list that could 
help us to work out this issue. So, let's try to describe how both 
systems, local and remote, are configured.

I think it is better to call them local -the box you are working at- and 
remote -another box wired to your network to which you access with 
TCP/IP- because, after all, both of them has to run servlet instance.

I guess you are accessing local installation at or something like that and the remote box at Of course ports can be different, I 
am just using the used by default by Tomcat when accessed in standalone 

1. Are both JBoss running on Linux? Same JBoss release and Linux flavor 
and release?
2. What database are you using in local and remote installations?
3. What XWiki product? XE?
4. Have you downloaded the SendByMail from 
When? or are you using a version bundled with your XWiki product?



Ricardo Rodríguez
Your EPEC Network ICT Team

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