Vitantonio Messa wrote:
> Hi all,
> I tried to upload a document (word, 5Mb) to a wiki page that already has 
> several other attachments.
> I got an error: attached there is the error message that XWiki report.
> The wiki is part of a wiki farm, version 1.2.2.
> Any idea what the problem can be?

The problem is not in the attachments, but in the RCS versioning. There were 
some problems there, 
you could either upgrade the farm to a newer version, or you could try to clean 
the history for that 
document. Unfortunately, doing that from the wiki will not work because the 
archive is already 
broken, so you must do it the hard way: directly from the database. Execute 
this: (mysql syntax)

delete from xwikircs where xwr_docid in (select xwd_id from xwikidoc where 
xwd_fullname = 

(replace with your document's name)

Sergiu Dumitriu
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