On Aug 12, 2008, at 10:21 AM, Collins, Michael D wrote:

> Hi Vincent
> Thanks for your reply.
>> Anchors are automatically created for sections. Have a look at the
> source of the page in your browser and you'll see it.
> I am not seeing this. Our sections are defined as heading level 5.  
> Do we
> need to use a higher heading level for this to take place? Will we  
> still
> get the issue with the anchors disappearing if they are automatically
> created as you mention?

I don't know about level 5 but I'm positive anchors are created  
automatically for sections headers (like level 1, 2, 3). Just check  
the HTML source and you'll ids starting with a 'H'.

>> We have a known important bug with the current wysiwyg editor when  
>> the
> content has HTML in it. For now please don't edit HTML in the wysiwyg
> editor. We're working hard to fix this and lots of other problems with
> our new WYSIWYG editor (a first beta version should be available at
> the end of September).
> This is a bit of a showstopper for us, as the idea is that our users
> will almost certainly use the wysiwyg editor, which obviously doesn't
> fly if any anchors we enter disappear. Guess we'll have to wait til
> September to add internal links.

We'll be releasing an experimental (alpha) version of our new GWT- 
based WYSIWYG editor in 1.6M1 next week and the beta is planned for  
end of September. All feedback after the 1.6M1 is released is most  
welcome and would help stabilizing it.

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