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> Dear All
> Skinning is making good progress (thanks for advice!)
> I have begun to make a new panel for the main navigation which is to be
> fixed on all pages.
> I need some advice on the structure please.
> I understand what a space is, but not sure what I would use it for. I have
> to create a front page that has boxes that can be edited - so it has to
> have
> a different look to the rest of the pages. Should I create a new space for
> the other pages (or are they sections -  calender, consortium partners,
> reports, forum etc...) you can see at
> http://www.4eyesdesign.co.uk/CAASTwiki02/ if it helps.

There are 2 main benefits I see from using a space :

   - You can group related pages together under the same URL (all your pages
   in the Consortium space will read xwiki/bin/view/Consortium/PageName )
   - You can apply a skin at the space level, meaning that you could change
   the color of your skin between your different spaces for instance
   - You can create a homepage for each of your spaces

>From what I've seen the only customized page you really want to have is the
main page of your wiki. The ideal solution to your issue would be to use
Skin Extensions, but I'm not sure they're ready yet. In the meanwhile you
can define specific CSS classes in the skin of your wiki and use them only
on the homepage. Another, nastier solution would be to use <style> your CSS
here </style> items right on your homepage...

> Would that mean that I could then create the different look that I need?

As I wrote above you can apply the same skin to all spaces or the skin of
your choice for each space.

> Or is using spaces the wrong way - perhaps I need a new class??? (Have done
> faq tutorial, and have some experience of oop)

I don't think you need to create a XWiki Class for skin-related issues.

Hope this helps,

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