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On Sep 11, 2008, at 8:20 AM, 田立兴 wrote:

> hi,
> I want to use the MindMap space,and i had import mindmap-1[1][1]. 
> 0.zip,but when i open the MindMap space,there is a note as follows:
> Installation is not complete. You need to add MindMap.Translations  
> in the translations page. Click on Administration, choose the  
> Advanced accordion and scroll to the translations field. Then add  
> MindMap.Translations in the list of translations pages.
> how can I add MindMap? If i can receive the mail of the steps  how  
> to add MindMap  in detials ,it will be helpful. Thanks very much!
> tianlixing
> 2008-09-11
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