Richard V. wrote:
> Hello,
> My newly upgraded XWiki server 1.6 does not allow me to edit and save a page 
> with a minor version increment. I check the "Is minor edit" checkbox, but 
> still increments the major version. I remember reading from somewhere about a 
> bug or setting that I need to do on xwiki.cfg, but I cannot recall it now, 
> nor find it anymore on the Internet. Can someone help me with this problem? 
> Just for your information, I migrated my existing pages from my old buggy 1.5 
> xwiki server by first exporting the pages into a XAR and then import back 
> only those related to my space into the new 1.6 server. After that, the minor 
> versioning stopped working.

check that there is no "xwiki.minoredit=0" option in your xwiki.cfg
and "minoredit" property of XWiki.XWikiPreferences object is not = 0, or 
not exists.
By default minor edit should work without any configuration.

Where was a bug , but it is 
  fixed now. Are you sure you use latest 1.6, not 1.6M2?
Are you sure you don't modified templates/*.vm or maybe your custom skin 
overrides something?
What package of xwiki you use? standalone or war?

   Artem Melentyev
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