Hi Graham,

If you are looking for consultancy, I am sure http://xwiki.com is the 
right place to start with.

If you are simply asking if what you are looking for is possible with 
XWiki, I think yes. I think it is worth you take a look to Virtual 
servers (http://www.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/FAQ/HowToSetupVirtualWikis) 
and XWiki Enterprise Manager 

XWiki has a huge number of features, many of them not obvious by now for 
a regular user like me, that allow fine grained access control and a 
complete separation between business rules, presentation and data.

I think we need a better understanding of the available tools and a lot 
of imagination to put things together! :-)

Hope this helps,


creegers wrote:
> I'm currently trying to measure XWIKI against some business requirements; our
> business are basically looking for a simple WIKI that we can use to store
> corporate/enterprise knowledge in a single place and make available to the
> public via our websites and internally to our customer service agents.
> For a little more background to the requirements, the business is a
> financial institution that provides loan products in different countries.
> Each country currently has their own website (served on different domains,
> with no obvious links to others), customers can apply for financial products
> and administer their accounts through the sites, the terminology used to
> describe the products is the same regardless of the country, however the
> business rules e.g. application process, interest rates is/can be different. 
> The business want to expose the content deemed as publicly available through
> a FAQ/WIKI section on each website, however they don't wish other countries
> content to be displayed on that website.
> Our customer service agents should be able to search the entire WIKI when
> dealing with customers phone enquiries, they also wish there to be more
> internal information available to the agents. 
> I'm struggling to think of a way to achieve this using XWIKI and would be
> grateful of any advice.
> Thanks in advance
> Graham

Ricardo Rodríguez
Your EPEC Network ICT Team

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