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> Hi,
> Since changing the security setting of Xwiki-space i'm a bit in
> trouble...
> The goal was to secure the xwiki.{username}, since we need to protect
> the privacy of our users.
> So I revoked the permision of Guests to xwiki space.
> But since this I had problems, I can solve them one.by.one by granting
> read access of a specific page to guest or group
> Now the RSS FEED and notification of the watchlist does not work
> anymore, I do not get notifications of changed pages.
> How can I set a watchlist on a space? If somebody adds a page or
> modifies a page I would like to get notified

We had a similar problem when we secured our Wiki. The easy way around it is
to use a modified RSS URL than the one you see on the user page, and add a
query string basicAuth with a value of 1 to the URL. This will prompt the
RSS reader to prompt for your user credentials and if your reader supports
and you choose to do so - you can save the credentials.

So if the generated RSS URL is something like:



to access your RSS feeds.

> Gerritjan

Hope this helps.

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