On 04/28/2010 06:46 PM, Guillaume Lerouge wrote:
> I'm strongly against the way the treeview works right now. Nobody
> understands the mix of space and parent/child relationship. I'd KISS it,
> keeping only the space/page relationship.

One idea: ghost symlinks.

[s] Main
     - [p] WebHome
     - [p^] /Blog . WebHome/
            - [p] Great news!
                  - [p] BigClient contract
                  - [p] BigClient project description
            - [p] More great news!
[s] Blog
     - [p] WebHome
           - [p] Meet Joe Dyke, our new CTO
           - [p^] /Main . Great news!/
           - [p^] /Main . More great news!/

[s] is the space icon, [p] is the page icon, [p^] is the page icon with 
the shortcut overlay. The ghost documents are written in italic with a 
lighter color, and clicking on such a symlink will show the real 
document, by expanding the tree to it, scroll it into view (with 
anymation), and select it.

Note that in the Main space the other children of the Blog.WebHome page 
are not displayed, and in the Blog space the deeper hierarchy of the 
external documents is not shown


Of course, this as a better UI for the alldocs/tree view; the export UI 
should could keep just the space/docs two-level hierarchy.

Sergiu Dumitriu
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