Hi XWiki users,

We have an urgent request, as we need to be able to make a response TONIGHT (it's not that we did it at the last moment, but that we got the information very late).

We would like to have XWiki included in the Gartner "Magic Quadrant for Social Software in the Workplace", which has some tough criterias to get in.

The criterias are to have:

- at least 100000 users (internal to companies, all deployments included)
- at least 4 companies with more than 5000 users (internal to companies) willing to talk to Gartner about their usage.

While we do have at XWiki SAS companies we work with that we know the deployment size and that we can contact to see if they are willing to talk to Gartner, we do need more.

If you have or know of a deployment with more than 1000 users of the Wiki for INTERNAL USAGE (not public web sites), it would be great if you can contact us ASAP at market...@xwiki.com
If you have more than 5000 users, please do contact us even more.

Even if you are not sure that you can talk to Gartner please do tell us, as we need to answer before tonight if we meet the inclusion criterias. Then there is a follow-up process and we can verify then if talking with Gartner is possible (we would need at least the deployment acknowledged)

This is very important for XWiki as in can give a lot of visibility to XWiki and widden the user base thanks to this visibility.

Thanks for your help

Ludovic Dubost
XWiki SAS CEO and XWiki creator

Ludovic Dubost
Blog: http://blog.ludovic.org/
XWiki: http://www.xwiki.com
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