I'm wondering if it's possible to migrate Xwiki from one system to another??

I currently run Xwiki on a FreeBSD 8.0 RELEASE x64 platform with 4GB RAM 
in a dedicated FreeBSD Jail, however I'm having an issue with Java 
spinning up the CPU to 100% rendering Xwiki inoperable!

If I migrate it would be from FreeBSD to either a dedicated FreeBSD 
system or an OpenSolaris based system on Nexenta.

Currently I run Tomcat6 coupled with Postgresql, but would migrate to 
Glassfish and MySQL.

Is it just a matter of backup the Xwiki from the web GUI then restore 
under Glassfish and convert database from Postgresql to MySQL then 
attach at other end?

Or can I just simply dump the /webapps/xwiki folder into Glassfish or 
another instance of Tomcat?

Thanks for any advice!!


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