This will only happen to attachments which fail to upload, I'm guessing this 
only happens on the
largest attachments. You will find a lot more information inside your tomcat 
log. You might try
searching the logs for "XWikiHibernateAttachmentStore".


On 10/05/2010 04:54 PM, [Ricardo Rodriguez] eBioTIC. wrote:
> Caleb James DeLisle wrote:
>> This is almost definitely caused by the attachment not saving properly. 
>> Despite the failure to save,
>> the cache holds the attachment for a time but eventually it is cleared and 
>> the attachment appears to
>> vanish. The cache inconsistency is fixed as of 2.5M1.
>> As far as the attachment not saving properly and showing no sign, usually we 
>> start by blaming mysql
>> max_packet_size. If you upload an attachment about the size of the largest 
>> attachment you ahve
>> uploaded so far, check the tomcat log and you will probably see an exception 
>> trace. This will tell
>> you what caused the problem.
> But, please, why does the failure happen once in a bunch and not always? 
> Thanks!

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