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> Hi,
> I'm testing the ldap features of xwiki and have a question regarding 
> importing /registering new user.
> I managed to setup ldap authentication with user import and group mapping. 
> The question is connected with
> this configuration flag:
> #-# Specifies the LDAP attribute containing the identifier to be used as the 
> XWiki name (default=cn)
> xwiki.authentication.ldap.UID_attr=mail
> What I would achieve is a user authentication with his mail/password ( which 
> is pretty common nowadays ).
> It works with ldap and after a successful authentication with i.e.
> mail = br...@7cogs.com,
> a new user is created with the following value:
> username = br...@7cogscom
> I assume that the 'dot' is not allowed to be used in the username string ?

It's not really a user name limitation but the fact that the user id
is the user profile page name which not does yet fully support dot.

> In my scenario there will be also a need for registering new users in a 
> traditional (xwiki ) way but it
> seems to be impossible to provide a mail as a username ( even though the 
> client side validation seems to not
> complain about that initially ):
> Invalid username provided. Please use only letters from the latin alphabet, 
> numbers, and the underscore
> character.

That's because the UI to create users is over precautionnous and does
not allow anny "special" character.

Do you really need your "normal" XWiki user name to contain a @ ?

> Do you have any clues how to achieve that ? maybe it's possible to set a flag 
> in xwiki config similar to the
> ldap solution ( identifier to be used as the XWiki name )..

If what you want is to create a XWiki user and then link it to LDAP,
the user id does not really matter. All you have to do is to add the
same object LDAP users have and provide the proper uid and DN in that

> Thanks in advance,
> Piotr
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