W dniu 10-10-12 11:41, Thomas Mortagne wrote:
> On Tue, Oct 12, 2010 at 11:12, Piotr Dziubecki<deep...@man.poznan.pl>  wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm testing the ldap features of xwiki and have a question regarding 
>> importing /registering new user.
>> I managed to setup ldap authentication with user import and group mapping. 
>> The question is connected with
>> this configuration flag:
>> #-# Specifies the LDAP attribute containing the identifier to be used as the 
>> XWiki name (default=cn)
>> xwiki.authentication.ldap.UID_attr=mail
>> What I would achieve is a user authentication with his mail/password ( which 
>> is pretty common nowadays ).
>> It works with ldap and after a successful authentication with i.e.
>> mail = br...@7cogs.com,
>> a new user is created with the following value:
>> username = br...@7cogscom
>> I assume that the 'dot' is not allowed to be used in the username string ?
> It's not really a user name limitation but the fact that the user id
> is the user profile page name which not does yet fully support dot.
>> In my scenario there will be also a need for registering new users in a 
>> traditional (xwiki ) way but it
>> seems to be impossible to provide a mail as a username ( even though the 
>> client side validation seems to not
>> complain about that initially ):
>> Invalid username provided. Please use only letters from the latin alphabet, 
>> numbers, and the underscore
>> character.
> That's because the UI to create users is over precautionnous and does
> not allow anny "special" character.
> Do you really need your "normal" XWiki user name to contain a @ ?
Not really, what I want is to have a possibility to choose a field against 
which user can authenticate 
himself ( of course, I understand that not every field is unique but email 
meets that requirement ).

>> Do you have any clues how to achieve that ? maybe it's possible to set a 
>> flag in xwiki config similar to the
>> ldap solution ( identifier to be used as the XWiki name )..
> If what you want is to create a XWiki user and then link it to LDAP,
> the user id does not really matter. All you have to do is to add the
> same object LDAP users have and provide the proper uid and DN in that
> object.

That is a solution, but in my case i have different users, one group with their 
user credentials stored in 
the LDAP and another group which will exist only in Wiki. For both of them I 
would like to have a uniform 
authentication policy ( mail/password ). Currently this method is the most 
popular one ( google, facebook 
etc. ) and this is the reason of my queries.

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