Hello :)

I configured my XWiki instance in the following way:

#-# This parameter will activate the sectional editing.

#-# This parameter controls the depth of sections that have section editing.
#-# By default level 1 and level 2 sections have section editing.

I have many users working on documents simultaneously and in order to minimize 
document locking and possible 
merging I encourage them to edit sections/paragraphs instead. I noticed that 
when, for instance, two users 
edit different sections within the same page, the latter gets the message:

This object is currently locked by user1

I checked and it's possible to force editing and save both of concurrent 
changes to that document, but the 
message itself is a bit confusing to the users. I'm asking if it's possible to 
change xwiki configuration to 
not display that message when the users edit different paragraphs within the 
same page ?

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