I have a couple of questions regarding the Invitation application ( space ).

1. Is there a possibility to clear the invitation list ? I know there is a 
'Rescind Invitation' button, but 
i.e. I cannot remove invitation with status 'Declined' ( This action cannot be 
carried out because all of 
the messages selected are of the wrong status. ) even if I have Admin rights.

2. User who sent the invitation to another potential user asked me whether he 
could somehow receive an 
information about the new user account details ( his login at least ). 
Typically we want to invite someone 
to give him an access to edit some documents and such information would help 
with grating him access rights. 
Is there a possibility to get to such info ?

3. This is more a feature request, but maybe it's already implemented. Is it 
possible to specify a group to 
which user will be subscribed when he accept the invitation from us ? That 
could ease the process of 
configuring user account a lot :)

Thanks in advance,
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