I've been searching the archive, but coming up short here.

I'm trying to get custom authentication going on XWiki Enterprise 2.6.

I've successfully implemented the XWikiAuthService by extending
XwikiAuthServiceImpl as suggested here :

I have also added the xwiki.authentication.authclass line to my xwiki.cfg.

I'm able to automatically create a new user in xwiki using the
XWiki.createEmptyUser method, and I get logged in.

However, when I get in as that user all I get is  "Error    You are not
allowed to view this document or perform this action."  No matter what I try
to look at, including the personal profile.

Can anyone tell me what I'm missing here?  

The XWiki documentation says that you "can" implement your own right
management service, but it doesn't say that is necessary.  Is it?


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