Dear all, 

I have recently installed Xwiki Enterprise 2.6 on our server (Ubuntu 10), 
deployed in Tomcat6. For this server we use two domains: 
and By default Tomcat (and the XWiki) can be accessed via, but for security and easy-access we 
need the xwiki to be accessed from 

This is why Tomcat is fronted by Apache2 using the AJP connector via a proxy 
pass which is configured in Apache sites-enabled: 

<VirtualHost *:80> 
    DocumentRoot /var/www 

    <Proxy *> 
     AddDefaultCharset Off 
     Order deny,allow 
     Allow from all 

    ProxyPass /xwiki ajp://localhost:8009/xwiki/ 
    ProxyPassReverse /xwiki ajp://localhost:8009/xwiki/ 

This configuration works, the xwiki can be accessed from domain1 and domain2 
however there are some problems. The first thing I noticed is that the same 
wiki has has a different skin on each domain (no xar loaded, no user logged 
in). Second whereas I can access the login page 
at, trying to 
access the login page 
at fails with an 
infinite http redirect (redirecting to the same login page, HTTP/1.1 302 Moved 

My questions are: is this type of configuration supported? If so, why is xwiki 
generating a redirect on the login page to the login page on domain2 and not on 
domain1? Thank you for the help. 

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