Le 10 déc. 2010 à 21:54, Eric Tse a écrit :

> How can I change Tomcat to use port 80 instead of 8180? I tried changing the
> connector port in the xml file then restarted but with no avail..

That's a tomcat question.
As far as I know you did the right thing.
Do restart tomcat and don't forget to be root (which is not really correct).

> Also is there a benefit from using Nginx to proxy into Tomcat? If so how
> would one do that?

I don't know about Nginx but we generally keep Tomcat on a high port and keep 
an Apache httpd on port 80 with a simple proxy. That works very well. Then only 
Apache needs root access and the latter takes care of changing the user after 
the restart (which no servlet container I know does, it's a native thing).

Proxies can become a lot more tuned if using mod_rewrite (e.g. to guarantee 
some short URLs in a very very flexible way, allow https, ...).

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