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> Hi Paul,
> Paul Harris wrote:
> > Hi all,
> >
> > I want to change the primary space name from "Main" to "Public" to make
> it
> > clear to wiki users who is going to have access to the info in that
> space.
> >
> > I've tried changing every mention of "Main" to "Public" in the WEB-INF
> > directory, restarting jetty and refreshing the webbrowser, and STILL it
> > redirects to "Main".
> > I've adjusted web.xml, portlet.xml, struts-config.xml, xwiki.cfg
> >
> > is this hard-coded into XWiki?
> >
> I'm not able to answer your question but why not create a new space
> Public and redirect calls to the default space to there?
> Simply put this in your Main.WebHome...
> {{velocity}}
> $response.sendRedirect($xwiki.getURL('Public.WebHome'))
> {{/velocity}}
> Of course this not solved your doubt, but could be used as a workaround.
> I've tried to use xwiki.defaultweb to set a different space when the URL
> doesn't include one and it doesn't work for me either (XE
> 2.7-SNAPSHOT.33223)

Hi Richard,

I saw that tip, the reason I don't want to do that is because now you have a
space that exists only to do redirects...

AND worse, I'm using ShortURLs, which means domain.com/Public is condensed
down to the URL domain.com/  ...  which due to the problem/bug, renders the
Main/WebHome page instead of Public/WebHome, which redirects to Public which
condenses down and... etc I think I ends up with a redirect loop.
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