On 03/07/2011 12:54 PM, Gerritjan Koekkoek wrote:
> Hi,
> By default users that register on a privat XWiki will be added as a document 
> with a XWiki.XWikiUsers object in the XWiki space
> Also they become automatic member of the group XWiki.XWikiAllGroup.
> Is it possible to have all registered users (except the default system-usewrs 
> like admin) in a seperate space?
> If you do so, will this cause problems when upgrading xwiki, which would be 
> my main driver to consider this.
> If people think this could or should be a best practise...
> My opinion is that the XWiki space becomes cluttered with users
> and also the requirement to have read access on many important system objects 
> in XWiki space
> can conflict with some groups security policy on users and peoples privacy
> Would it be difficult to migrate users to a different space and keep all the 
> group memberships and authorizations and passwords intact?


Currently, authentication does not work if the user is not in the XWiki 
space, but you are right, users should be in a different space by 
default. Using "XWiki" as a catch-all space is wrong, IMO.
Sergiu Dumitriu
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