When I try to create a new page via WYSIWYG or Source editor, then click
"Save & View", I see a link with a question mark beside it.  (All of this is
the normal, so far)  When I click on that link to create the page, the bread
crumbs at the top of the page show the previous page as the parent.  When I
save that newly created page, whether I add any other content to the new
page or not, the page shows as an orphan.  The bread crumbs at the top
disappear and point back to the root of the space.  The "Information" tab
shows no parent information.

If I try to edit that page and manually enter the parent using the little
"pencil" parent edit button, I enter the name of the parent page (which
xwiki seems to recognize), but when I save it, the page is still orphaned.

What's the deal?  Any ideas?

I'm running XWiki Enterprise on Ubuntu lucid 64-bit.  My local
computer is also running Ubuntu lucid 64-bit.  I've tried using Firefox and
Chrome, but both behave the same way.

Any help would be appreciated.


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