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> Thanks for hint Vincent, these options are indeed possible and I considered
> them (didn't know that svn integration is already available). But trick is
> to not break usability. So that you can just switch between "tagged" content
> and "trunk" without a need to overwrite "trunk" by imported XAR, or update
> to revision from svn, or have another server for deploying tags as this will
> definitely provoke conflicts.
> For simple user that's it: switch mode, navigate in tagged/baselined
> content. I guess it may not even require version control system like svn
> underneath if we have all history in database anyway.
> Is it in general possible to introduce such a feature that will for all
> read-only actions (view, export) provide only "tagged" content? If possible
> how much efforts may it need?
> Did someone else experience a need in such a feature for a groupware (which
> wiki belongs to as for me)?

What I'd do is the following:
- install XEM (Enterprise Manager)
- when you're ready to set a tag/branch, copy the main wiki into a subwiki 
(using Enterprise Manager it's easy) and give a meaningful name that includes 
the tag or version in the name
- have a page on the main wiki to point to the various tags/versions of the 


> Regards,
> Andrey
> On Sep 14, 2011, at 10:09 PM, Crowd Covered wrote:
>>> Hi xwiki people,
>>> Is there a possibility to have something like tags or baselines for
>> complete
>>> wiki or particular space? What I mean is possibility to use the power of
>>> navigation between pages as usual with condition that all pages revision
>> in
>>> this mode would belong to this "tag" or just have modification date not
>>> later than specified.
>>> I have noticed "SVN Integration (make it possible to store and edit wiki
>>> pages in SVN)" in Survey on XWiki Features (
>>> http://www.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Main/SurveyXWikiFeatures), but this
>>> topic looks obsolete as last modification was done in January 2010.
>>> Background is that my team currently uses xwiki for requirements
>> management
>>> on a software project and it is vital to have baselines. Alternatively
>>> export to PDF/RTF could be used, but firstly it refuses to handle some of
>>> pages as is (we've created several classes with customized sheets), and
>>> secondly it would require intensive tailoring of output to get nice
>> laconic
>>> document (exclude pages that are not relevant, make headers correct
>>> relevantly to hierarchy, etc.)
>> I see 2 options:
>> * Use the existing SVN integration:
>> http://extensions.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Extension/SVN+Application
>> * Export the wiki as a XAR export (it''ll you one XAR file which is a zip
>> file containing the full wiki which can be imported in a XWiki instance at
>> any time to have a running tagged documentation) when you need to tag.
>> Hope it helps,
>> -Vincent
>>> Greetz,
>>> Andrey Stoliarov
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