using a non-WYSIWIG editor my text lines can get quite large
(especially when some markup is included).

With 1.0 syntax this was no problem:

  line one
  still line one

is rendered in one line.

Is it possible to achieve a similar behaviour with 2.0 (2.1)?


  line one ~
  still line one


  line one \
  still line one

(both examples result in two rendered lines)

(from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/%5C: In the context of line-oriented text, especially source code for some programming languages, it is often used at the end of a line to indicate that the trailing newline character should be ignored, so that the following line is treated as if it were part of the current line. In this context it may be called a "continuation". The GNU make manual says, "We split each long line into two lines using backslash-newline; this is like using
one long line, but is easier to read.")

Thank You
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