On monday I make the upgrade on our linux server from Xwiki 5.1 to Xwiki 
We are using Debian + POstgresql + Tomcat 7.

The migration was OK, after the debian step I went to the admin migration 
tool inside Xwiki.
I think I answer to all the conflict questions.

And finally like said in the documentation I delete on the server the 
/var/lib/xwiki/data/solr directory.
But something is not ok with solr.

On the Admin page of "Recherche", on the SOlr research result page , on 
the top of the page I got this message : 
"#if ($searchEngine != $searchExtension.id) "

At the bottom :
"  <label 

It sounds like some translations are not there.
But the real problem is there the research is very limited.

I ask Solr to recreate all indexes, reboot the server after a will, but 
nothing change.

I know some very used words in our organisation, in pages or inside 
attached documents, but Solr show a few of them.

Any idea ?



Stéphane Lassire
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