On 06/10/2014 05:34 PM, -bt- wrote:
> Hello Marius,
> thanks for your fast answer. I tried it but it still doesn't work. I also
> tried to delete some pages as the where not replaced by the import.
> For test I setup a new machine with a vanilla xwiki 6.0.1 and import the
> content from the other system.
> There it is working, with just one problem. The Guide show all Headlines
> twice. This happen also on a complete other virgin system as soon as I
> active the multilingual feature...

I have no idea about the first issue, but at least I know about that one

If you look into XWiki.XWikiSyntax in the wiki-editor, you should be able to 
find a line like:

  #set($results = $services.query.xwql('from doc.object(XWiki.XWikiSyntaxClass) 
as syntax order by syntax.category, 

if you replace it by:

#set($results = $services.query.xwql('from doc.object(XWiki.XWikiSyntaxClass) 
as syntax order by syntax.category, 

the duplicates go away.

I am somewhat guilty of the complete contraption but I still have not figured 
why the duplicates creep up "sometimes" (actually the 
addFilter('currentlanguage') should prevent that ...)


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