I'm trying to understand the new SOLR search (i did not understand the old
Lucene very well)

My use-case is the following.
We have a special FAQ application where the object has, amongst others, the
following attributes:
- Subject
- Topic-group
- Language
- Question
- Answer

he default search returns page-title/name, but this is in our case a
non-informational, generated by the system code. So instead of Page name we
would like to show: Subject
As facets we would like to show Topic-group and Language,
Default (on entering the page with search box) we would like to set the
context-language as a search filter... So when reader is reading french the
result only shows french FAQ (with a french subject title) if english only
By checking and unchecking languages in the facets the user could extend or
reduce the search.

A challenge is the topic field, this is a list with translation key. So if
user is french-language the list will show french topics, but if he/she
check english as well in facets things get complicated.
 We have a business-rule that the english collection of FAQ's is the
baseline, and most comprehensive. The other languages are only translations
of the same. So another languages can not have a question not translated.

So my question is:
How to define the search
How to modify the output so page-title is no longer showing
How to modify facets so only the two fields can be set
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