ThxsI verified and it seem it is always _0_  for each properties (even for 
multiple properties of same type)ie If I have 2 properties with 'date' type in 
MySpace.MyClass (date_entry and birthday), $doc.display($prop.getName() will 
generate this form
<input id="MySpace.MyClass_0_date_entry" xxxx<input 
id="MySpace.MyClass_0_birthday"  xx
But If I have a 'database list' with checkbox property "BirthdayYear" in 
MySpace.MyClass, $doc.display($prop.getName() will generate this form (with 2 
similar hidden input field ! Maybe a bug?) :<label class="xwiki-form-listclass" 
for="xwiki-form-A_Expert-0-0"><input id="xwiki-form-A_Expert-0-0" 
type="checkbox" value="1980" 
class="xwiki-form-listclass" for="xwiki-form-BirthdayYear-0-1"><input 
id="xwiki-form-A_Expert-0-1" type="checkbox" value="1981" 
<label class="xwiki-form-listclass" for="xwiki-form-BirthdayYear-0-n"><input 
id="xwiki-form-A_Expert-0-n" type="checkbox" value="20nn" 
name="MySpace.MyClass_0_BirthdayYear"> 20nn</label><input type="hidden" 
value="" name="MySpace.MyClass_0_BirthdayYear"><input type="hidden" value="" 
name="MySpace.MyClass_0_BirthdayYear"> I didn't find what is generate this _0_ 
(macro or java stuf)
ThxsPascal B

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 Objet : Re: [xwiki-users] Howto getprefix in a Sheet?
> If any have an (or many) idea how I can obtain this prefix in my Sheet

> (If not I can concanet MySpace.docClass_0_$prop.Name but I'm not sure about 
> _0_)

I'm afraid you have to compute the prefix yourself. 0 represents the
object number. So MySpace.MyClass_4_age refers to the 'age' property
of the MySpace.MyClass object with number 4 (normally the fifth object
of that type from the target document).

Hope this helps,

> Thxs
> Pascal B
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