I wonder if anyone could be kind enough to provide me with some advice and 
pointers. I’ve noticed that XWiki runs its distribution upgrade wizard 
automatically when a new version is detected, but even though I pressed “Later” 
it still went ahead and upgraded. Or at least it appeared to have upgraded part 
of the system as the core version at the bottom showed 6.4.3 when the 
extensions etc. were still for 6.4.2. We started with 6.4.2 (installed using 
apt-get on Ubuntu 14.04). So, to summarise my questions:

·         How do I stop Xwiki from automatically upgrading. I just want it to 
notify me then I can plan the upgrade

·         How do you perform a controlled upgrade and test (I appreciate that 
this is a rather in-depth question)? What I need to be able to do is to do an 
upgrade and then be able to fairly easily test that the new version doesn’t 
break any of our documents or functionality that we depend on. Would the only 
way to do this be to keep a list of my changes and check them with every 

Thanks in advance for your time and help.

Kind regards,

Mahomed Hussein
Senior NOC Engineer

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