> > -
> "search page" searching only Id value and not lib
> value (of course because it is the id value that is stored
> in EAClass object)
> > i.e. I found pages,
> if I search "25_dgec" but not if I search
> "DGEC"
> Yes, this
> is 'normal' because ATM only the raw value (id) is
> indexed
> for Database List properties.
> > - Result "search
> page" displayed property name (and not the pretty name)
> FAQ have same issue.
> > - my solr facet
> displayed my id value too.
> >
> > Do you know how can I fix this issue (if
> someone understand my problem ;-) )?
> > Here I paste a nice screenchot: http://snag.gy/Joa7q.jpg
> ATM there's no solution
> for the search results highlights. The
> property name displayed there is part of the
> highlight (the matched
> text) and it cannot
> be parsed (if the property value is large enough
> and the match is somewhere at the end then the
> property name is not
> even included in the
> match).

To resolve the problem I use lib column to display correct value (and not the 

> Regarding the raw
> value (id) displayed in the facet, you can write a
> custom facet that displays the label
> corresponding to the raw value.
Yes I manage to did this solution, but I was confronted at multi class problem 

Thxs anyway, I store pretty name in my Page with Class.
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