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> Hi
> I have a problem where users want to highlight text in the WYSIWIG editor and 
> press a button on the toolbar to automatically add the {{code}}, {{warning}} 
> etc. start and end tags to the text. I know how to add a macro button and to 
> style it. But the problem with the macro is that it pops up a form with a 
> text area that you then need to fill in with text you want to put inside the 
> tags. The behaviour I am looking for is similar to highlighting text and then 
> pressing the Bold button on the toolbar.
> I have done some digging/searching/googling and found the simpledittoolbar.vm 
> and I’ve customised this and added the copy to my skin. I have added the 
> following code in the relevant sections and it works perfectly when I click 
> Edit>Wiki but it doesn’t show on the toolbar when I click Edit>WYSIWIG. I am 
> running XWiki 7.0

simpledittoolbar.vm affects only the wiki editor.

> #set($discard = $syntax10Elements.add(['code', '{{code}}', '{{/code}}', 
> 'page_code']))
> #set($discard = $syntax20Elements.add(['code', '{{code}}', '{{/code}}', 
> 'page_code']))
> #set($discard = $confluence10Elements.add(['code', '{{code}}', '{{/code}}', 
> 'page_code']))

> So any idea how I can make the button show on the WYSIWIG toolbar? 
> Alternatively how do I make the macro execute on the highlighted text?

It's not simple. You have two options:

(1) Put a button on the toolbar with something like
then listen on click and use
#getSelectionRange() to access the selected text and then
#getCommandManager() to
#execute the 'macroInsert' command. The complex part is to understand
the format of the command parameter. You can check

(2) Write a plugin for the WYSIWYG editor from Java, but for this
you'll have to recompile the editor and thus you'll end up with a
custom editor, which is harder to maintain over time and may cause
upgrade headaches.

Hope this helps,

> Thanks in advance.
> Kind regards,
> Mahomed
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