Is there a way of printing the pages as they are displayed? Ideally printing 
without the side panel, but with all the different colours/formatting as it 
appears on the screen would be ideal. At the moment all colours and formatting 
is stripped if you try to print directly from the page, using the print preview 
option or by exporting to PDF.

I have tried an export to HTML and then using the local html file to see if 
that works but it seems that whatever script/css is forcing the print 
formatting still takes effect on the exported html. I have tried saving the 
page only directly but it still does the same thing. I have tried Chrome. 
Firefox and IE.

I have also tried a google search and I have searched for print and printing on 
the FAQ but there are so many results it may take a few hours to go through 
them all. I suspect there’s a CSS file I need to modify somewhere (possibly 
print.css?) that will format the export with the header colours etc. If so, 
please could someone kindly point me at the correct documentation or provide 
any tips/hints?

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,


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