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> Hi!
> Am 29.03.2016 um 16:47 schrieb Vincent Massol:
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>> Thanks for posting back. Indeed a backup should always be done. However, a 
>> bugfix upgrade like the one you did should be seamless normally. I’m not 
>> sure what happened but it looks like some operator mistake from what you 
>> say. In any case, if you see anything we could do at the XWiki level to 
>> help, let us know.
> On the first run of the distribution wizard it did not recognize the original 
> XWiki version and provided me with a menu to select
> the version from. I guess this was the case because I had the 
> .../jobs/status/distribution/status.xml file removed
> (as recommended in 
> http://platform.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Features/DistributionWizard#HThewizardfailstoappearatstartup)

No, it's usually because you removed all extensions located in
permanent directory (extension/repository/ folder). Looks like you
cleaned too much stuff. The repair message is not about missing status
but about a database with a lot of documents and not a single
extension registered.

> So I selected 7.4.1 from the menu, but then got stuck with the "This version 
> is not compatible with your installation" error.

There is no such "blocker" error AFAIK. It does indicate you that this
version is invalid (because this version require WAR version 7.4.1)
but it's not supposed to block you in any way, you should have an
upgrade button.

> On the second run, I had everything restored from backup, including the 
> status.xml file.
> This time, the DW did *not* ask me for the old version, but went straight to 
> the upgrade process.
> I don't know if this explanation makes sense, but if it does the DW could be 
> made more robust
> when detecting the XWiki version to upgrade from, especially as removing the 
> status.xml file
> is mentioned in the DW troubleshooting section.
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