Hi Jesse,

> On 30 Mar 2016, at 18:03, Jesse Bright <je...@abrightfamily.com> wrote:
> I have pages which include the text: (i)
> The Xwiki syntax is converting this into: image:icon:information
> I have tried the following in an attempt to escape this text:
> ~(i~) which is completely ignored. 

Yes this is ignored because transformations happen after the content is parsed 
and converted into an AST (we call it an XDOM). Then the icon transformation 
runs and it’ll find a SpecialSymbolBlock (the “(“), followed by a WordBlock 
(the “i”), followed by a SpecialSymbolBlock (the “)“) and it’ll transform it 
into an image.

> {{{(i)}}} which leaves only a blank space

This is the solution and it works fine for me.

> Any suggestions on how I can get the desired plain text? Thanks for your 
> time. 

Only other options I know are to:
* turn off the icon transformation
* configure the icon transformation to not transform (i)


> Regards,
> Jesse

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