Thanks for the information. I think i might turn off icon transformation, I 
didn’t realize that was an option.
After further investigation my issue with escaping appears to be related to 
using CKEditor. When I use the WYSIWYG or WIKI editor it seems to work every 
time but the CKEditor gave mixed results when I tested using version 1.3. After 
updating to version 1.4 I am having trouble reasonably reproducing the error. 
Thanks again for your help!


Jesse Bright

> On Mar 30, 2016, at 9:14 AM, Vincent Massol <> wrote:
> Hi Jesse,
>> On 30 Mar 2016, at 18:03, Jesse Bright <> wrote:
>> I have pages which include the text: (i)
>> The Xwiki syntax is converting this into: image:icon:information
>> I have tried the following in an attempt to escape this text:
>> ~(i~) which is completely ignored. 
> Yes this is ignored because transformations happen after the content is 
> parsed and converted into an AST (we call it an XDOM). Then the icon 
> transformation runs and it’ll find a SpecialSymbolBlock (the “(“), followed 
> by a WordBlock (the “i”), followed by a SpecialSymbolBlock (the “)“) and 
> it’ll transform it into an image.
>> {{{(i)}}} which leaves only a blank space
> This is the solution and it works fine for me.
>> Any suggestions on how I can get the desired plain text? Thanks for your 
>> time. 
> Only other options I know are to:
> * turn off the icon transformation
> * configure the icon transformation to not transform (i)
> Thanks
> -Vincent
>> Regards,
>> Jesse
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