Due to another issue, I had to recreate some users (including the one I had
been using as the administrator). Instead of just hiding the old users, I
decided to delete them. It was a mistake to delete the old admin user
because, now, scripts that were last modified by that user will not execute
(even by the new admin user). The new admin user needs make some new
modification to the script in order to execute it.

Is there a mechanism by which I could get a list of all the scripts that
were last modified by that old user so that I could go in and clean up this
problem at one go instead of one by one as I stumble onto those pages? Is
there another workaround a person can use when they shoot themselves in the
foot like this?

Note that I tried restoring the old admin user from the deleted documents.
He then appears in the user directory as expected. But the scripts will
still not execute. So it appears that restoring a user has the effect of
creating a new user with the same attributes as the old one instead of
actually recreating the old user. Could this be considered an issue (defect
or improvement) worthy of recording in JIRA?


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