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They have helped me in the past to clean up deleted users.


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On Tue, Apr 5, 2016 at 3:46 PM, Mark Sack <> wrote:
> Due to another issue, I had to recreate some users (including the one 
> I had been using as the administrator). Instead of just hiding the old 
> users, I decided to delete them. It was a mistake to delete the old 
> admin user because, now, scripts that were last modified by that user 
> will not execute (even by the new admin user). The new admin user 
> needs make some new modification to the script in order to execute it.
> Is there a mechanism by which I could get a list of all the scripts 
> that were last modified by that old user so that I could go in and 
> clean up this problem at one go instead of one by one as I stumble 
> onto those pages? Is there another workaround a person can use when 
> they shoot themselves in the foot like this?

> Note that I tried restoring the old admin user from the deleted documents.
> He then appears in the user directory as expected. But the scripts 
> will still not execute. So it appears that restoring a user has the 
> effect of creating a new user with the same attributes as the old one 
> instead of actually recreating the old user. Could this be considered 
> an issue (defect or improvement) worthy of recording in JIRA?

Its not exactly that. It does recreate your user exactly as it was.
But restoring a the user does not automatically add it in groups since this
information is not stored in the user profile.

> Mark
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