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> Hello Everyone:
> I will soon be switching from Mediawiki to XWiki.  XWiki has many features
> that we are interested in compared to Mediawiki.

Great stuff! I don’t know Mediawiki so well and I’d love to know more about the 
strengths that you see in XWiki when compared to MediaWiki (I’d like to prepare 
some comparison page for users on xwiki.org that compares XWiki with various 
other wikis and it would help a lot if you could share your thoughts on this).

> I just want to make sure that this is still the most up to date and
> recommended way to migrate Mediawiki data into a new XWiki installation:
> http://extensions.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Extension/Import+MediaWiki+To+XWiki
> I'd like to be familiar with the process prior to actually doing it.  Thank
> you for your time.

There’s some new code being developed for importing from MediaWiki but it’s 
still young and has barely been released and probably has rough edges. But if 
you’re willing to try it out and play the guinea pig, it could be interesting 
for us to know how it fares.

Let us know what you think and if you’re interested maybe Thomas could provide 
some more information (since he’s developing that importer).


PS: If you’re willing to go the easy path and want to have someone do that 
conversion for you, you should also know that the XWiki SAS company 
(http://xwiki.com, it’s the company that is the main sponsor of the development 
of the xwiki open source project) has lots of  experience in converting from 
MediaWiki to XWiki, and they offer this service. They can be contacted at 

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