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Hi All

Hopefully someone can help with this issue.

We are running 8.1 and some users are not able to see the “create page” button. 
This is what I am expecting:

Instead, the user sees this:

So I assumed it must be a permissions issue. So I checked that the Group had 
the correct permissions to Edit (in this case I am using the Sandbox as an 
example, but it applies to all other top level pages – what were once spaces).

As you can see below, the XWikiAllGroup has View and Edit permissions and the 
user can certainly see and edit the page. But I was sure that having “Edit” 
also meant the ability to “add” pages. If “adding” is a separate permission, 
please tell me where I can find this.

I have also tried giving the user directly ALL the permissions and still the 
user doesn’t get the “add” button. Yet if I browse directly to 
http://xwiki.local:8080/xwiki/bin/create/Sandbox/ I get the create page and I 
can successfully create/edit/save the page.

I have also tried:

• Giving all permissions to all the groups the user is a member of
• Different combinations of different groups
• Removing permissions for all groups and just giving the user permission 
• Looking through the mailing list for any reported issues (though it was a 
quick browse so I may have missed it).
• Checked that I do not have any overriding *.vm files attached to the skin 
that would cause this

The next step will be to upgrade to 8.2 to see if this resolves it, but I am 
not hopeful. Any help would be sincerely appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Any help please?

Kind regards,

Mahomed Hussein
Custodian Data Centre

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