> On 23 Aug 2016, at 09:49, Hofstätter Mario 
> <mario.hofstaet...@automationx.com> wrote:
> We currently display an attached excel file on a wiki page using the office 
> macro and syntax {{office filterStyles="false" 
> reference="attach:MyFile.xlsx"/}}.
> Instead we'd like to use the path of an file saved on our server, a working 
> url for this is [[unc:\\serverhostname\folder\folder\MyFile.xlsx]]
> However, {{office reference=" unc:\\serverhostname\folder\folder\MyFile.xlsx 
> " filterStyles="false"/}} does not work (Failed to view office attachment).
> The Office Macro documentation states: "The supported resources are URLs 
> (url:) and attachments (attach:)."
> Is there currently a way to use a file path with the office macro? I tried 
> variants using url: but none of them worked.

Note that in general it’s not a good idea to use a path in the browser because 
most browser disable this by default so all the wiki users would need to have 
that set up in the browser.

The office macro states that you can use a URL or an attachment, so I guess you 
could use  a file://// URL (make sure to use only forward slashes).


> Thank you.
> Mario

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