Thomas Mortagne said:
> As you said yourself it's not installed as dependent package of 
> xwiki-enterprise.
> Like the documentation indicate this is to be used only if you plan to setup a
> standalone Solr index which is not what XWiki is using by default.

OK thanks. I didn't find it all that clear from the page I was reading 
(, perhaps 
because there's not much info on how Solr fits into the XWiki architecture. But 
my understanding now is that Solr is the search engine used by XWiki and an 
embedded server is included within the standard xwiki-enterprise packages, but 
a standalone server can be used if the xwiki-solr-data package is used to 
configure it for XWiki. Is that all correct?

> The error you get have nothing to do with that but you did not gave enough
> details to know what is wrong, specifically the cause of "Error creating core
> [xwiki]".

So it looks like Solr should get set up the first time XWiki is run, but 
because of the issues with openjdk9 this wasn't happening, and all the errors 
were being caused by the expected items then not being found. Restarting Tomcat 
once XWiki successfully started the first time seems to generate no further 


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